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  • How do I find the motorcycle that I want?

    All of our motorcycles and scooters are listed on this website with detailed information and photos. You can search by a range of criteria including location, date and keyword. Our website has a Saved Search tool that lets you set alerts for specific items you are looking for. When we list a motorcycles or scooters matching your description, we will email you. You can also add listings to a Watch List that alerts To use Saved Search or Watch List, you will need to register on our website.

  • What is CBT?

    CBT is short for Compulsory Basic Training which all learner motorbike and moped riders must have. In certain circumstances they're not required, for example if you've held a driving or moped licence for a long time, although even then CBT is recommended. For more information, visit the Gov.UK website

  • What's the difference between a scooter and a moped?

    The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) defines a scooter as having an engine that's an integral part of the rear suspension, or a chassis that's a step-through type. This is regardless of engine capacity or wheel size. A moped is defined as a motorised two-wheel vehicle with an engine capacity of less than 50cc and a top speed of approximately 31mph.

  • Motorcycle insurance

    Is required by law to make sure people can cover the costs of any riding-related damage or injury. For example, if you crash your bike into someone else, your insurance will pay for the repairs to the other vehicle.

  • How to get cheap motorcycle insurance.

    As a new rider insuring your bike could leave you feeling like you’ve just had a run in with Dick Turpin. The usual premium slashing saviours of years of riding experience or years of accumulated no claims bonus’s clearly don’t apply, but it is not all bad news, there are things you can do to keep costs to a minimum. Compare motorcycle insurance with MCN Here the good folks at insurance specialist Carole Nash offer some wise words to help you avoid paying over the odds. Dave Bowcock,… Principle Insurance.

  • What types of motorbike insurance policies are available?

    The three main policy types are comprehensive cover, third party, fire and theft and third party only. Third party policies are not necessarily the cheapest option and provide only a limited amount of cover, so make sure you shop around to find the right deal for you.

  • Do I need to insure my motorbike for the entire year?

    Yes, unless it has been declared as off road and a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) has been received and accepted by the DVLA. If you require short-term motorbike insurance there are a variety of options to consider.

  • Can 16-year-olds ride scooters and mopeds?

    If you're aged 16 and want to ride a moped or scooter on the road you'll need to hold a provisional licence, have completed a CBT course, and you'll need to display L plates (D plates in Wales). You must not carry a passenger or ride on a motorway.

  • Are there any passenger restrictions for motorcycle permit holders?

    Yes. No passengers are allowed while operating with a motorcycle permit. Also, motorcycle operators 16 and 17 years old may not transport passengers for the first six months that they hold a motorcycle endorsement. Motorcycle operators 18 years old or older may not transport passengers the first three months of having a motorcycle endorsement.

  • Do I need to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle?

    If your are sixteen or seventeen years of age, you must wear a helmet at all times. If you are eighteen years of age or older, you must wear a helmet when driving on a permit; otherwise, you need not, but are advised to do so.

  • Lost motorcycle licence

    Don’t worry if you lose your provisional licence, according to Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 your entitlement to ride continues when a licence holder has applied for a duplicate driving licence following the loss of the original.

  • Protect my bike from theft

    Aftermarket security systems like Datatag, Smartwater and Alphadot can make the difference between losing your bike forever and getting it back. Because villains know that they can’t sell the parts of a stolen bike on easily when it’s tagged with some sort of security marking they’ll pass it over and steal the unmarked bike in the next street instead. Even if your bike is stolen because it’s going to be given a fresh superficial identity these systems mean that if the Police run a check on that.

  • How often should you service your motorcycle?

    Stick to the recommendations of service interval as specified by the manual in the first year. That should help in maintaining the warranty of the bike as well.Once you are clear of all the free servicing, get it serviced between every 4000 - 6000 kms. Generally if you ride hard (i.e. ride more in the lower gears) you tend to wear out the engine oil more and that affects the smoothness and engine as well. Getting it serviced at this interval will ensure longevity.

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