FIDDLE III 200...Offer just gets even better with the introduction of 5 Years 9.9% Finance, Huge 5 Years warranty, And CBT Training can be done onsite for only £100. Retro style meets modern technology is one way to describe this new edition to the SYM stable. the reproduction of retro elegance and pure western classic design are embodied in the Fiddle II. Old fashion elegance and talent, with pure westernized classic design. The astonishing modern retro design is the integration of arc body shape, classic European head light and tail light, and the chromed garnishes. Arc line designed with classic old fashion head lamp, westernized old fashion taillight and electroplated decoration; one remarkable design. The seat offers great comfort whilst riding and the space under it is sufficient to accommodate your trophies after a days shopping. It is the most eye-catching ride in and around the city. Available in 4 colours, and also as a 50cc, 125cc or 200cc variants, call the team for details  


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