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The Ninja H2R shown below ….simply looks fast just standing still !!




A simple check through the specifications reveals a new trellis style chassis, single sided swinging arm, carbon fibre bodywork and air ducts, numerous electronic rider aids, an outrageous slash cut megaphone titanium exhaust and even specially adapted inner wheel rim surfaces to counter tyre creep under extreme acceleration…..did I mention acceleration?


This is being billed as the fastest accelerating motorcycle available with an engine utilising an integral Supercharger developed entirely in house at KHI with a power output in the region of 300PS…………yes 300PS for the Ninja H2R !!


All of the above adds up to the creation of another legendry Kawasaki icon that is generating intense interest and admiration from both the press and public at Intermot, and I am sure this will be reflected throughout the Kawasaki dealer network.


Be aware, the Ninja H2R will be a very rare beast indeed – a machine hand built for enthusiasts and people who know and appreciate quality in terms of technology and craftsmanship. Pricing is still under embargo but let’s be clear, this isn’t a standard purchase.


That said, potential purchasers are contacting KMUK and asking us to take their deposits. Now is the time for us to make a commitment to KME for orders of the iconic new Ninja H2R and now is the time for you to take action if you have a potential customer, who is genuinely serious about purchasing a piece of motorcycling history in the shape of the stunning new Ninja H2R.


Production will be limited and with only one order window this year, we will only respond to and process orders that are matched by a substantial deposit of £5000 lodged with a franchised Kawasaki dealer. For that sum, orders will be added to our request to KME and machines will be allocated on a simple first come first served basis. Please be aware however, a deposit does not guarantee a bike as production of the Ninja H2R is ultra-exclusive. Confirmation will be made in December of factory accepted orders.


Please understand that this is no ordinary motorcycle, at no ordinary price, for no ordinary rider.


Many will want a Ninja H2R but few will ever own and ride one. As a Kawasaki icon it resides in the same house as the original H2 of 1972 as an epoch making machine. Our initial allocation for the UK is extremely limited. Please ensure that if you have interest that you act now.

Kawasaki to produce ground-breaking motorcycle "Built Beyond Belief"



With cutting-edge performance recognised as a core element of the Kawasaki worldwide DNA, the company will showcase yet another ground-breaking motorcycle at the Intermot Motorcycle Show in Cologne staring on Sept 30th. A motorcycle "Built Beyond Belief".


Drawing on skills and experience from experts within not just the company's motorcycle division but across its aerospace, gas turbine and other high-technology contemporary manufacturing disiplines as well, Kawasaki is anticipating huge international interest in the project that has evicatively been christened Ninja H2. Harnessing the power of the Kawasaki manufacturing group "collective strength", the H2 will represent a unified engineering and state of the art technology approach.


Capturing the spirit of the 750cc Mac IV H2 that, along with the 500cc three cylinder H1 and all conquering 903cc Z1 Super FOur, epitomised Kawasaki's market defining performance image, the Ninja H2 project is set to add yet another name to the roll call of machines that embody Kawasaki's performance and engineeringn while changing the motorcycle landscape forever.

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